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Destiny – The New Age 

Tales of a guardian... 


I don’t know how people begin when they’re telling their stories. Typically, they would start with this whole background-type-thing first, but with guardians like me, that really isn’t the case here. You see, a guardian is someone who has been reborn with light. But with this rebirth of such great power comes a price; your past. You could say it takes our past and turns it into something greater. A friend taught me that once. Anyway, this is my story. Maybe I should start from day one, it only makes sense. So, without further ado, let’s begin. At first, all I saw was black. I don’t know if everyone shares the same experience, but that was my beginning. I had no clue how I came to be, or where I was or what to do. But all that changed when I heard three words that will stay in my head like a deep scar on my mind. 

“Eyes up, Guardian.” There was a voice; a new sound. I had no idea what it was at first, until a bright light began to shine in front of me. It started to grow into something extraordinary. I could see something, and what I saw was beautiful. Something appeared in front of me. Was this the voice I heard? 

“Hello,” it said, “I’m here to help you. Can you talk?” It continued hovering around me. But I wasn’t focused much on this thing, I was focused on me. I look down and notice two of everything. Two hands, two feet and two sides. I didn’t understand anything. Who or what I was, what this thing in front of me is or what I am going to do? So, I turn back to this ‘floating voice’ and try something new to me. 

“Y... Yeah...” That is all I can utter out. It felt like as if I had slept for a really long time. Then again, I was reborn. So, I guess you could count death as a sleep, sort of thing? I don’t know, just another way to describe it, I guess. 

“Oh, thank goodness. I was starting to think you were mute there for a second.” It laughed. The voice was male, that much I could tell. It was like my voice, but lighter, and it sounded like it was being put through a thin wall or something. 

“Who... Are you?” I question. If there is one thing I remember, is that I have no idea how this happened or who this guy-thing was. I mean, who wouldn’t have nothing but questions on their minds after being brought back? Then again, I had no idea that I was dead. 

“I am what you call a ‘Ghost’. But I’m not just any Ghost, I’m now your Ghost. You don’t have to call me Ghost, that’s just my job description, if you will.” A Ghost? I didn’t get it. 

“A Ghost?” I still didn’t understand the whole job description of this ‘Ghost’ thing.  

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