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Destiny - Survival: Chapter 1 Part 1

Posted by chaoticgunner - October 19th, 2018

Destiny – Survival 

Tales before the tower... 


Alright, where do I start? Probably with setting the scene. I guess that’s where most stories start, except this isn’t a story. How could you describe this place? This period in time? I guess some would call it a wasteland. A desert. Abandoned. Me? I’d say it’s empty. There’s nothing. Well, not exactly empty. I’m here. That’s got to count for something right? Aren’t I something? I’d like to think that. But what’s the point when you’re alone on a planet, and where the only thing you see is anything else besides life? I suppose that clears it then; I am alone. I’ve been walking for months... Years... Decades... Time doesn’t seem to exist anymore, I can’t remember how long it’s taken me to get from point A to... Well, point A, I guess. How have I survived this long? I’ll tell you. I get lucky, that’s it. I’m one lucky man left on this god-forsaken planet. I remember that I began this endless walking in search of something. But now the thought of what I was searching for has faded over time. But I remember what forced me to keep me dragging my feet on this now pointless journey; It was because of them. 

They came from the sky, as you would expect them to. They weren’t from here. They weren’t human. I remember seeing them bring fires from hell, and screams of death to innocent people. And I tell you now, it takes only once to remember something like that forever. It’s not something you forget over time; the memory still haunts me now. But with every painful memory comes a lighter one. Before they arrived, I remember this giant thing in the sky. It was white, shaped like a ball. I know that it has been around since before I was born, and this giant ball was given its own name, decided by the planet of course. We called it ‘The Traveller’. Because like them, the Traveller came to us. For some reason, whenever I think of it, the picture of it in my mind soothes me. Maybe because it brought us peace? Because it saved humanity from extinction? Or maybe because it helps me against that painful memory in my head? Thinking of it feels like a pillow made of light. Sometimes, I can almost feel it. 

Since it came, Earth was never the same. The Traveller brought a new way of evolution for the human race. Villages and towns quickly became cities, countries were at peace after being at war for centuries. Human lifespan tripled, children were in awe with every glance they made towards the peace bringer. We were truly blessed for a time. But times end when something else comes along to ruin it all. We quickly learned that The Traveller had enemies. Like the Traveller, they came from the stars, and we had them all wrong. They did not come in peace. They came in masses of shear force and made their mark with every great city in ruins and utter decimation. I saw it all first hand. Our town was on the verge of its greatest evolution; We were going to be declared a city. But our glory in the sun was taken from us in a fury of destruction. I was but a teenager when my home was gone. I’m a survivor. Sometimes I question its reason for being here, and I always come to the same answer; I don’t know. 

During that painful moment of perish, I lost my right arm. In the escape, it was trapped beneath rubble, to which caused it to break. I had no other option but to remove it if I were to survive the onslaught. Like I said, the memory still haunts me. It’s fresh in my mind, and I don’t know how to make it disappear. But now, I don’t think there’s a way. But that engraved memory isn’t on my mind now. I’m walking somewhere. I don’t know where I’m going, all I know is that I need survive, and to survive, I need to eat. My eyes dart left and right, and I’m hoping in my mind that there is something. I find something, in the distance. I pick up my pace a little, as this thing in the distance gets bigger and starts forming a shape. It looks triangular from this position, but with one straight line. As I drag on closer, I see that this object is big. Really big. Just from looking at it, I can tell that it’s made from metal. But it’s rusty and torn to shreds. Maybe it’s decaying? A picture starts to reoccur in my head, I’ve seen it before. It’s a ship. Not a spaceship, but a ship that once sailed on the great waters and oceans of Earth. I edge nearer, with the hope of some food remaining within this thing. 

The ship lies on a its port side, and it takes a little effort for me to get on the ships deck. The rails on its corner-sides look sturdy enough, so I pull myself up and lean against the deck as I begin to advance upwards. I feel like this ship could turn any moment now, so I move carefully along the vessel. As I continue exploring the ship’s deck, I can hear something underneath. It sounds like rattling. No, more like clanking. Metal hitting metal. My heart begins to race. Could there be someone else? Is the engine still running? But there’s another thought; maybe there’s food. I shoot my head from left to right, looking around for a possible stairwell leading below deck. To my right, I see rails making a hollow square around a staircase opening leading downwards. As I make my way to the rails, I slip a little, hitting my foot hard against the deck, but I manage to hoist myself over the rails and placing my feet against the wall of the stairs. I walk downwards into the deck below, but as I tread carefully, I notice that the clanking has come to a stop. It’s silence down there now. Did it stop because of me? 

Once I've made my way to the floor below, in the distance, I can see light shining through from where the metal has rotted away. The light reveals beaten and dented cans of food scattered around the floor near a corner. Something starts moving beside them. No, not something; someone. I take a step back, getting into a stance for fighting off whatever or whomever this was. My mind was racing with thoughts. I didn’t know what to do. I hadn’t come into contact with a living thing for a really long time. Was this person or thing friendly or not? My main concern wasn’t about what I was going to do, but more a less who would get the food in the corner. This thing steps into the light a little, and reveals itself to be a person. A human. Wait, no. This person wasn’t human. They didn’t look human, but I could tell it was a female. Her eyes had the colour of a bright orange, with tattoos or markings on her cheeks and chin. She began to move into a defensive position over the food. She could tell that I wanted it, and right she was. I began to advance quickly towards her to make the first action, but before I could move her aside, she crouched down, stuck out her right leg, and took me out from under my feet. 

She rolled me over to my back, and tried stomp on my face, but as her foot struck down, I rolled away to the left. She made a second attempt to strike my face, but this time I grabbed her left foot and pushed it upwards to her chest, pushing her away and leaving her a little staggered. I took this chance to go for the food, with a hope to make an escape with what I could. I grabbed two cans, but as I turned for the same stairs, I saw her hand around a can heading straight for my head. I fell to the floor landing on my back. My vision began to get fuzzy. I was seeing two of everything. The last thing I remember was seeing two of her sits on my chest as both of them left hooks my jaw. Everything went black.